What is B-Droid?

It is a bee-like robot designed for pollination. It helps to increase the efficacy of the natural bee population by achieving high-labor pollination tasks. B-droid will observe the lands using cameras and check for any targeted flowers.

All of its operations are supervised by the computer so that data analysis can be done timely.

Why is it important?

B-droids are innovative and necessary technology because many insects including bees are severely endangered due to insecticides. Bee deaths are currently a global phenomenon that threatens the nature. B-droids will be able to replace those vacancies. Also, B-droids enable intelligent distribution of plant protection products and fertilizers.

Class Activities

Students are expected to learn the procedures of pollinations and identify the structures of flowers involved in sexual reproduction.

Duration: 20 mins

Materials: Worksheet, scissors, and glue

Class Materials

Below are links to download:

B-Droids Info Sheet


B-Droids Activity Sheet


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