Biodegradable Water Bottles

What are Biodegradable water bottles?

Biodegradable water bottles are eco-friendly alternatives to non-degradable plastic water bottles. Typically, a plastic water bottle could take around 1000 years to completely deteriorate. In this process, various environmental concerns are raised, including harming the natural habitat of wild life animals. However, this alternative works to eliminate such concerns, as the bottles will start to degrade as soon as they are empty. In a recent invention in 2016 by a design student Ari Jonsson, he presented an algae-based biodegradable bottle.

Why are they important?

Plastic has been one of the most used materials ever since the early 20th century. From plastic utensils to plastic furniture, possible number of usages is uncountable. However, as much it brings convenience, there are rising environmental concerns, called “plastic pollution”. More than eight million tons of plastic are thrown into the oceans every year, and they stay there for decades.

Biodegradable bottles are smart alternatives that may mitigate the problem. We should continue to strive for finding sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safe alternatives to harmful materials.

Activity Overview

This can be either an individual or group task.

Overuse of plastic in our everyday lives has worsened the situation of “plastic pollution”. In order to protect the environment, young scientists have come up with sustainable solutions to replace plastic. One example is an algae-based biodegradable plastic bottle. In this exercise, students are advised to understand the main features of this water bottle.

Class Materials

Below are links to download:

Biodegradable Water Bottles Info sheet

Biodegradable Water Bottles Activity sheet

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