Electricity Generating Tiles

What are Electricity Generating Tiles?

They are tiles that generate power by converting kinetic energy to electrical energy. As pedestrians walk across the tiles, the weight from their footsteps will turn on the electromagnetic generators. As generators start to rotate, electromagnetic fields will create electric current which will then be stored as power into the battery.

Why are they important?

Nowadays, more than half of the share of total electricity generation is operated through the means of energy conversion. As shown in the diagram above, 38% of them are from coals and 23% from gas. We produce energy from coal by combustion turbines in which fossil fuels are burned and steam generated turn the turbine to generate electricity. Similarly, gases are used for steam turbines.

Thus, knowing about the mechanism under such energy conversion is essential

Activity Overview

Students will design a model of turbine that demonstrates the conversion from mechanical energy to electrical energy by using a mini wind mill.

  • Duration: 40min

  • Materials: chopstick, pin, A4 paper, string

Class Materials

Below are the links to download:

Electricity Generating Tiles Info sheet https://static.wixstatic.com/ugd/6b539f_621c6386b6824c7a9011e1806cb78973.pdf

Electricity Generating Tiles activity sheet


Sample Videos

Below is a video of how to make the mini windmill:

Below is a video of how the mini windmill works:

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