Electronic Aspirin

What is Electronic Aspirin?

Electronic aspirin is a new remedy for migraine, a throbbing pain one a side of the brain. Commonly, people take aspirin pills, or painkillers, to mitigate the pain. However, the electronic aspirin technology makes it easier for patients to get rid of the pain fast and effectively. Once this device gets implanted on the upper gum of the brain, it can easily ease the pain just by pressing on button on the remote control.

Why is it important?

Migraines have been one of the most vexing and incurable diseases. However, with the development of electronic aspirins, they are now able to get an immediate and effective cure for the disease. With constant demand for relief in headaches, the electronic aspirin device is expected to reach 220 thousand units by 2025. This innovative and helpful device may stimulate a revolution in freeing patients from feeling acute pain in their body!

Activity Overview

The activity will

  • Duration: 20 mins

  • Materials: Activity Sheet

Class Materials

Below are links to download:

Electronic Aspirin Info Sheet


Electronic Aspirin Activity Sheet


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