Laser Eye Surgery

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery ensures permanent improvement in the vision for people with short eye-sightedness. Short eye-sightedness, an eye condition that causes a distant object to look blurred, is caused by ineffective refraction of light in the cornea of the eye. Laser surgery corrects this eye problem by carving and changing the shape of the cornea very slightly. This technology allows people to be free from contact lenses and eyewear for the rest of their lives! The most commonly used type of laser eye surgery is called Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, known as “LASIK”.

Why is it important?

The laser has been one of the best inventions in the 20th century. Nevertheless, even with continuous improvement in technology, lasers are still favored in the medical sector. The laser is mostly used in operational procedures that require high precision, and laser eye surgery is one of the best examples. By learning the procedure of LASIK, it can be better understood that lasers are apt for conducting operations that require high levels of precision. Furthermore, laser eye surgery is improving day by day, showing potential for solving most eye irregularities in the near future. In fact, new variations of laser eye surgery are emerging to lessen pain and decrease side effects. The trend of improvement in laser eye surgery is certainly worth noting.

Activity Overview

This activity can be done by groups of 2 or more.

Lasers have been used widely in the medical industry nowadays, due to their high levels of accuracy. In this activity, students will be required to understand the properties of lasers and how they are suitable for use in the medical industry.

Class Materials

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Laser Eye Surgery Info Sheet

Laser Eye Surgery Activity Sheet

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