Organ Transplantation

What are Organ Transplantations?

As the name implies, it is the transplantation of organs. More specifically, healthy organ will be surgically removed from an individual and will be transplanted into a person whose organ has failed or was injured. Organ transplants

include kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, lung, and intestine. kidney transplantation is generally accepted as the best treatment both for quality of life and cost effectiveness.

Why are they important?

10% of the population worldwide is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD), and millions die each year because they do not have access to affordable treatment. According to Global Burden of Disease study, chronic kidney disease was ranked 27th in the list of causes of total number of deaths worldwide in 1990, but rose to 18th in 2010. This degree of movement up the list was second only to that for HIV and AIDs. Thus, kidney transplant is the only effective way to treat the disease.

Activity Overview

Organs that can be transplanted are heart, kidney, liver, lungs, and intestine. In this card game called “Organs’ War”, students are expected to learn the functions of these organs and major causes of diseases of each organ.

  • Duration: 20min

  • Materials: 'Organs' War' cards

Class Materials

Below are links to download:

Organ Transplantation Info Sheet

Organ Transplantation Activity Instruction sheet

Organ Transplantation Activity Material sheet

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