Sanger Sequencing

What is Sanger Sequencing ?

Sanger sequencing is a technique used to sequence DNA. Although there are other methods for sequencing DNA, Sanger sequencing has been most widely used for the past 40 years since its development in 1977. Sanger sequencing, also called the chain termination method, determines each nucleotide in the DNA molecule.

Why is it important?

Sanger sequencing provides sequencing of high quality up to about 900 base pairs. Thus, Sanger sequencing is mostly used to sequence plasmids or insert DNA fragments for recombinant DNA technology. However, Sanger sequencing can be also used to sequence large DNA fragments. Sanger sequencing has been used in the past to sequence the entire human genome during the Human Genome Project, which sequenced small individual fragments and assembled the sequences as a whole.

Activity Overview

Students will be able to understand the process of Sanger Sequencing through the activity. Students will be responsible of finding the sequence that should be read.

  • Duration: 20 min

  • Materials: worksheet

Class Materials

Click below links to download:

Sanger Sequencing Info Sheet

Sanger Sequencing Activity Sheet

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