Seabin Project

image source: “Get a SeaBin for Bristol Harbour Side.” Crowdfunder UK

What is the Seabin Project?

The Seabin project is an innovative solution for cleaning the marine ecosystem. The main concept behind the project is to prevent chemicals and waste products from harming marine animals, habitats, and eventually the food chain. Currently, it is a much more time efficient way to clean wastes compared to marine workers walking around with a scoop net.

Why is it important?

The Seabin is worth noting because of its high energy efficiency compared to many other water filtration systems. Also, it is easily manageable, thanks to its simple mechanism and sustainability. As it runs on a tidal power source, it can be run 24 hours a day without having to worry about electricity bills! The Seabin is a newly rising fully-sustainable technology. Although it is only used near docks, we are hoping to see it float in the open ocean within 10 years from now. It is surely a technology to keep an eye on.

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Below are links to download:

Seabin Info Sheet

Seabin Activity Sheet

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