Solar Powered Highway in Georgia

What is Solar Panel Highway?

Solar panel highways are made out of individual solar panels that work together to generate enough electricity to power the highway lights during the night. From daily use of solar power on our calculators, the use of solar energy has reached to an innovative application on the highways.

Why is it important?

Solar panels make use of solar energy, which is a type of renewable energy. Nonrenewable energy, such as burning fossil fuels, creates harmful pollution. By using energy from the Sun, emission of such harmful chemicals can be avoided. Also, the applications of solar panels are becoming more diverse. Solar panels are common in our daily life, such as powering calculators, and are also used to power up electricity or provide heat to an entire house.

Activity Overview

Students will be given a worksheet and are expected to be able to analyze the diagram of silicon cells and understand the mechanism of how silicon cell generates electricity

  • Duration: 30mins

  • Materials: worksheet

Class Materials

Below are links to download:

Solar Panel Highways Info sheet

Solar Panel Highways activity sheet

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